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Music Theory
A passionate study of music structure and the elements of music 
Will give your music-making greater power and unity.


Dolmetsch   -   Music Theory and History Online   -   An immense music resource.

MusicalOnline   -   Music Theory, Education, Community, Performing Arts Directory,

Ricci Adams   -   Lessons, Exercises, Tools.

Free Music Education Center   -   Lessons, Music Styles & Era, Music Dictionary, Classica Figures, Music Instruments, Chord Dictionary, Chord Dictionary, Sightreading, Audio.

Wikipedia   -   Outline of Music Topics (Articles) offered on Wikipedia

Teoria   -   Tutorials, Exercises, Reference, Articles.

Music Theory For Songwriters   -   Chords, Scales

The Tonal Center   -   Chords, Scales, Cadences, Modulation, Deeper Theory,

Guitarology   -   Basics, Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, Music Theory, Progressions, Rhythms,
Reading, Technique, Videos, Glossary.

TonalityGuide   -   Introduction to Tonality, Chords, Chord Progressions, Scales, Theory Exercises,
Chorale Guide, Chord Definition Guide,

Music Theory Fundamentals   -   Notation - Pitch, Notation - Rhythm, Notation - Meter, Major Scale,
Key Signatures, Circle of Fifths, Diatonic Intervals.

Read Sheet Music

Musical Mind   -   Ear Training Exercises,

eMusicTheory   -   Harmony Ear Trainer

Solomon's Music Theory   -   Music Theory and Composition Resource Tools.

Dr. Callon's Harmonic Materials In Tonal Music     -   Music Theory,  Reference, 


Harmony.org.uk   -   Glossary of Musical Terms, Functional Chords, Relationship between chord progressions and voice leading and shows how chord progression patterns create musical phrase structures in tonal (and tonally influenced) music.

Naxos   -   Music Glossary

Rhythm and Meter in Tonal Music: A Bibliography   -   Indiana U

Dansman's Guitar Theory Site   -   Chords and Chord Structures in Major, minor Keys.

Yahoo Directory   -  Music Theory

Tpub   -   Ear Training Exercises

ReadSheetMusic   -   Lessons Tab offers lessons in Music Fundamentals.

Good-Ear   -   The Online, Free Ear Training on the Net

Music Theory Cipher For Guitar   -  
Muisc Theory Fundamentals

Michael Thomas   -   Chord Charts